Craig Thorburn

Research Summary

I am a 5th year PhD student in the Department Of Linguistics at the University Of Maryland in College Park and a member of the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Lab (CLIP) in the Institute for Advanced Computing Studies (UMIACS). I am also a Language Science Fellow at the Maryland Language Science Center.

My research interests lie at the intersection of Computational Cognitive Modeling, Phonology and Neuroscience, where I aim to use computational models to study how humans learn and process speech sound categories. You can see more information about my dissertation work and interests here.

Before moving to Maryland, I received my Bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2018 with a double major in Linguistics and Brain and Cognitive Science.


1405 Marie Mount Hall, Regents Drive, College Park, MD 20770

craigtho [at] umd [dot] edu

craigtho [at] umiacs [dot] umd [dot] edu


October 2022 - I'm at the Society for Neurobiology of Language Conference in Philadelphia! I'll be presenting work on decoding different context models in non-native English speakers. I'd love to tell you about it at Poster D65 on Friday evening.

September 2022 - Our paper on teaching school students language science over zoom was just published in Language and Linguistics Compass. Taking language science to zoom school: Virtual outreach to elementary school students

August 2022 - I'm honored to have recieved the Howard Lasnik Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student from the UMD Department of Linguistics

July 2022 - Our paper discussing the role of Reinforcement Learning in speech sound acquisition has been published in the BUCLD 46 Proceedings